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Pennsylvania German Traditional buildings reflect the strong cultural ties of the state's early settlers from the German (Deutsch) speaking areas of central Europe. These Deutsch speakers came to be described as the Pennsylvania Dutch a rather misleading name based on the mispronunciation of Deutsch as Dutch. This Germanic influence is most apparent in the southeast section of the state where German settlement began in the early 1700s. While the German settlement later extended throughout the state, this southeastern area retains the earliest and the highest concentration of the early Pennsylvania German Traditional buildings.

Buildings in this category take several easily recognized forms. The earliest PA German Traditional buildings were of log or stone construction and of distinctly medieval form with steep roofs, thick walls, and small, irregularly spaced windows. These small early houses had floor plans which followed traditional layouts, some very simple one-room buildings, but more frequently a two or three rooms layout with a central chimney and corner leading up to a loft or second floor. The three-room format called for a large kitchen on one side of the center chimney and two smaller rooms including a parlor and a bedroom on the other. This three room Germanic folk house is sometimes referred to as a "Continental Plan" by architectural historians. The two-room format known as the "Hall and Parlor Plan" had only a kitchen and a parlor with a central chimney wall in between.

In the vernacular tradition some early stone houses were built over a spring to provide running water and a cool area for food storage in the basement. Some houses were also built into a bank or hillside, partially underground for similar cold storage reasons, as well as cost and material efficiency. This bank style of construction is attributed to medieval Swiss tradition, so buildings of this type are sometimes called Swiss style.

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Megjelent: február 13, 2011
3D Előadó: rose_studio