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Apartment Building 3 3D model


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The second floor is the privileged ones. This was what Baron Eugène Haussmann had decided. These buildings, with typical facades, reflected the social order as it was conceived at the time.
Everything starts in Paris at the instigation of Emperor Napoleon III. We are in 1852. The prefect Eugène Haussmann inherits the responsibility to transform the capital. A breath of fresh air then blows on urban planning, with the redefinition of the Grands Boulevards, the modernization of the sewerage network, the renewal of parks and transport. The baron takes care to give the capital and its peripheral districts, a homogeneous face. That's why he defines specific architectural rules. They are the signature of his style and govern the construction of buildings, their facades, and housing conditions.

The second floor is called the noble floor because it combines all the assets that can offer the Haussmann building. It has a running balcony that allows you to enjoy the outdoors. The window frames of the freestone facade are more richly ornamented, so as to attract attention. This ceremonial floor is also accessible to the whole family without much effort. A luxury, when we remember that the elevator has not yet appeared. The second floor is also the most comfortable, with its large living room. The ceiling height is higher, which provides extra brightness.

On the ground floor logically reside shopkeepers who have direct access to their store. The third and fourth floors are home to middle-class families. The last floor is that of the servants, with its roofs that will give birth to good rooms! Today, it is amusing to note that Baron Haussmann's hierarchy is a reflection of a bygone era. During the Ancient Rome, it was the ground floor that the nobility preferred. Today, the most popular apartments are those that offer the most unobstructed view. There is little more than the word "duplex" to echo the noble floor of Baron Haussmann: the duplex consists of two floors, it is both large and bright!

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