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3D modell maxman

A Z-3 kínai támadási helikopter 10D modellje.
Az 3ds max 2009 szabványos anyaggal készült végleges képek.
A textúrák és anyagok szerepelnek.

Let’s move on to know more about the technical & historical aspects of this Z- 10 Chinese Attack Helicopter.
The Z-10 Chinese attack helicopter was collectively developed by Changhe Aircraft Industries Group (CHAIG) and China Helicopter Research & Development Institute for the People’s Liberation Army.

This helicopter is now manufactured by Changhe Aircraft Industries Corporation.
This helicopter primarily deployed for anti-armor battlefield operations but it has the capability of air to air defense. That’s why it is called the pride of the Chine. Testing started on this military attack helicopter in 2003 when it took a flight to the sky in 2003. After a phase of testing & improvements finally, it was inducted in the Chinese army in 2009.

This helicopter is equipped with 5 bladed main rotors and 4 bladed rotors in the tail side. Twin engines are mounted at the rear of the cockpit.

Its length is 14.1meters, & the main rotor diameter is 13 meters. The maximum payload carrying capacity of Z – 10 is 8 tons.
As you can see this 3D model of Z -10 Chinese helicopter it can be used with various applications such as wargaming, animated movies, school & college projects, scientific research, movies, and many more areas. It clearly depicts a detailed textured surface which gives us high definition images of this model from all angles as you can see its images from all angles.

In the product specification, you can see it’s available in various file formats so it can be used with many rendering software.
Thanks for buying this 3D model from FlatPyramid.

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Megjelent: December 22, 2014
3D Előadó: maxman