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In max version:

-the model is fully rigged and skined.
-The scene is exactly the same than the presentation picture - all different objects are included.
-A short animation comes with an other scene - See the demo video file in preview section.
very easy to anime, and no special render engine needed, just unzip and render.

Available in following formats: Max 8, 3ds, Obj, Fbx, Lwo, Stl.
A textúrák és anyagok az archívumokba tartoznak.

11588 Polygons after smoothing 1.

Dinko the alien is a friendly character who appears in counting books, coloring books, and toys and in various educational materials for children age 1-4. He travels through space, meets lots of different friends and learns about their living and customs. It is an American computer-animated series produced by Mike Young Productions, Taffy Entertainment, Antefilms Productions, and John Doze Studios in 2005. Crest Animations studios brought this story to life. It was created by Jeff Muncy and all episodes are mainly written by Dan Danko and directed by Andrew Young.

Dinko is a small, green alien species who has totally fallen for the earth and originates from the planet Dunk where all look identical to each other. He thinks it’s wonderful that things are so chaotic and loud here. Dinko is a leader and biggest troublemaker of the alien gang as well. Though he always tries to help Tommy, but always mucks things up, because he misunderstands Tommy’s words to the point of insanity. Then he will go to extreme measures to solve his curiosity to these words and earth rituals so on.

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Műszaki adatok

  • csúcspontok: 5800
  • sokszögek: 11588
  • geometria: sokszög
  • eleven: Igen
  • Anyagok: Igen
  • manipulált: Igen
  • textúrák: Igen
  • Fájl-formátumok: 3D Studio (.3ds), 3D Studio Max fájl (.max), Autodesk FBX fájl (.fbx), Lightwave (.lwo, .lw, .lws), Sztereo-litográfia (.stl), Wavefront (.obj)
  • Optimalizált-for: Bővített valóság, alacsony poly
  • NID: 29728
3D modellazonosító: 196848

Megjelent: február 9, 2012
3D Előadó: supercigale