Biliárd 3D modellek

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Billiards – the collective name of several board games with different rules, as well as a special table on which the game takes place.

Az összes biliárd játék jellegzetessége a golyók mozgása a felszínen, egy gyorsító jel átadásával a rúd hosszirányában lévő irányító löketen keresztül.

The room equipped for playing – Billiard room.

Hazai biliárd játékok India vagy Kína.

The time of the appearance of the game of billiards cannot be set accurately. It is only known that, like chess, it is very ancient, and billiards is home to Asia, according to some – India, according to others – China. In Europe, even before the advent of the modern billiard game, its principles could already be found in some existing games.

The game differs in a mass of the ball, it’s diameter, the size of the table and the presence (absence) of its pockets.

  • Carom (francia)
  • Orosz biliárd
  • Snooker (angol)
  • Medence (amerikai)

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